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About Us


Mine is a long journey from a small town on the Mediterranean to a big city by the Pacific, Vancouver..

I had my jewelry store back in Bodrum ,Turkey before I did my big move to Canada in 2010. I am very happy bringing up my 3 beautiful children on the North Shore. As you can see in my new collection that there is huge inspiration for me taken from the wild life and beautiful nature of British Columbia.

I am very grateful to my designer partner Inci , our metalsmith Huseyin, our coordinator Olcay and to all the workshop crew that worked so hard with me to make this dream come true…

Enjoy the beautiful jewelry,




I combined my fashion and design journey which I started in 1992 with textile in 1998. Metal accessories and semi-precious stones I used in leather and textile products helped me obtain different products by combining all the materials. In 2000, I decided to focus on jewelry, handbags and design textile products and concentrated on infrastructure work. My continuous search for new materials introduced me to brass and bronze. We are proud to design and manufacture our own jewelry in our workshop. All of our designs are handmade and done delicately.

I feel privileged to see my designs on beautiful women all around the world and appreciate your participation in making my dream come true.




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